Creative Football Fan Turns Yard Into Cleveland Browns Halloween Quarterback Graveyard

So this family wins the award for the most creative Halloween theme this year. Who doesn’t notice the infamous turnabout called the Cleveland Browns quarterback shuffle? Every year a new name added to the back of that jersey. Well one frustrated family took advantage of this graveyard of quarterbacks,  the Timoteos came up with an idea that was perfect for Halloween, the Cleveland Browns Quarterback Graveyard.

Twenty-two headstones feature the name and dates of the player’s times as Browns quarterbacks. Yea Johnny Football, you’re already in there!

In front of Brian Hoyer’s gravestone, there’s a pair of gloves sticking up out of the ground that make it look like someone may have escaped their casket. When interviewed by local TV station WOIO-19, the Timeteos stated:

“We just kind of feel like he’s still in the league, and he is going to come back to haunt us at some point. We don’t know when, so he is really trying to raise from his grave,”